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"Appendix: Amazing, Mysterious, Outstanding, Funny - More on writing the perfect Profile ... "

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Online dating is getting more popular, yet it can be a very frustrating and time consuming experience for most men. Internet dating does not seem to be for everyone. Also tips and tricks are available to subscribers to assist with everything, from the profile, to getting your emails read, calling her on the phone, and the first date.

The proven method we are presenting on this website has helped countless guys meet the partner of their dreams. The system is so simple that even a computer could execute it, and we did just that...

Does online dating work? Or would you agree that online dating sucks? Too many guys spend so much time trying to get dates online and not getting responses. Many people looked for an Internet dating ghostwriter coach or software, means of improving their online dating emails, PUA tools and an artificial intelligence software (or: machine learning based software) that generates emails out of dating profiles. Since the customization takes up most of the time of writing the initial email, we developed a computer-program (some people call it a "Bot" or "Robot" program) that automatically customizes emails based on a woman's profile. Improving your conversation starters and getting a response can be done with the system here. Some people need some templates, examples and ideas for replying to online dating ads. This website enriches your dating experience on personals websites by providing information about things, such as email tips, subject lines, tag lines, advice on etiquette, topics, common mistakes to avoid and success stories for your reference.

As a subscriber you will have full access to the email customization software as well as to the my writings that will help you solve specific problems with online dating. Below is an excerpt of my e-book. By now it has been updated a bit, but I'm sure you will still learn something.

Appendix: Amazing, Mysterious, Outstanding, Funny - More on writing the perfect Profile

This is a quick overview on the writing something for your internet dating profile (the essay part) that actually works. I know there are sites where you can buy a pre-written one ("profiles for sale"), some give advice for writing an online dating profile and others give away free examples of profiles that work. It helps if you write it yourself, because you will figure out on the way what you want.

First of all, your personal profile should convey the necessary positive traits about you (list below) - no matter if you are writing or copying one of the examples for a online dating website or a social networking website. The rules stay the same. Note that there is also the "no profile" option. You can hide your profile on most dating websites and still email other members. You can set your profile to private on most social networking websites. On websites where you email members directly the "no profile" is the only option anyways. Note that woman will ask you about it as they almost always look up your profile before answering an email. However, the no-profile is a must if you are taking the asshole approach to online dating.

The most important aspect of the profile is, not surprisingly, the pictures. Not only do woman (just as man) only look at profiles that have pictures, but your photos also make a big first impression. Many guys underestimate the importance of the pictures and upload some ridiculous pictures from last Halloween where they can be hardly made out in a group of creepy looking people etc.

Think for a moment how you search for woman on a website - you click on the engaging photos in some huge picture-grid, and before you invest the time of reading through the 10 paragraphs of self-description you look at her pictures. Woman proceed in the same way.

Your pictures are much more important than what you write in your dating profile. If your pictures suck, they won't read your personal profile. It's also a lot easier (and more believable) if you convey good things about yourself in your pictures. This means that you should upload as many pictures as possible to the website. If you are using a social networking site where you have more freedoms to design the profile (e.g. MySpace or Facebook with Photo Apps in your profile) put big pictures into your profile so they don't have to click on your 'more pictures' link. Note that you can convey almost anything in pictures that you might not be able to convey in writing. For example, let's say you are filthy rich and drive a Ferrari. That would be bragging if you write it in your profile, but having a picture of you fixing something on your car, crawling out from under the car (and the logo with the Ferrari horses just happens to be in the picture) conveys the same message.

When you write a personal profile for dating there are many things you want to convey in an online dating profile such as social skills, humour, mystery and being selective. What you want to convey in your pictures are as many of the following:

  • Friends: you want to be seen having fun with guy- and girl-friends. Look like a normal guy. Action-shots are better than poses or group-shots. You and a girl making goofy faces is better than two Hooters girls posing with you (woman know you are not really dating those babes). Ideally the woman in your pictures are about as hot as the girls you want to attract. If you don't have any hot friends, go out to a bar and tell some hot girls that you just broke up with your girlfriend and ask them to pose for pictures with you in order to make your ex a little jealous.
  • Guy-friends: nothing screams player like only having pictures with chicks. Have some pictures with guy-friends. Ideally those are you and your best friend after a basketball game (or some other manly activity), not you and a bunch of frat boys getting hammered. Have pictures of you and your guy-friends doing some guy-stuff together.
  • Variety: Have some variety in the pictures you put up. For example: you playing basketball (or something like that), you fixing your car, you in a tuxedo. What does that say? Comfortable in many social situations, masculine, having style. What would it say, if you only put up pictures of one activity? One-dimensional...
  • Not Tacky: avoid stereotypical pictures; you and your car, you with hooter-girls, you without your shirt. If you have the body to pull off the shirtless, do it; however, more than 99% of us don't and I suggest you don't unless you have girls compliment you on your body all the time right now. However, something I've seen working is "shirtless in the right context". For example: a guy fixing stuff, a guy on a beach (that picture was cropped so it only hinted at shirtless - genius!), a guy sitting at a pool eating oysters. All those gave a legitimate context and avoid the showing-off stereotype.
  • Trust: your pictures must communicate you are not a creepy, stalker, weirdo internet dude. Show that you have friends. Have some pictures of you with a little puppy or dolphins - something that shows that you like animals. Have a pictures of your sister or your mom (social networking only!). Show some variety of interests. While I realize that not all of us play Basketball and dance Argentine Tango in Tuxedos on a regular basis, it's still OK to have pictures in there that you did a while ago with some friends. Anything that shows you with friends and family is good.
  • Resources: demonstrate high income, education, or at least potential for the same; have a college graduation picture (or a picture of you making faces while hitting the books), a picture from a sailing trip (you on a boat), a picture of you in front of the Pyramids. However, stay away from cheesy stereotypical "me posing with my car" pictures unless you can put it into a nicer context (e.g. you fixing stuff on your car). NOTE: these pictures are not necessary, but they help if it's evident that you are not showing off.
  • Honest and Recent: your pictures should be as recent as possible and as honest as possible. Don't put up pictures before you gained 40 pounds. Bait and switch, no matter how awesome your personality, does not work.

When you write your internet dating profile, keep it positive. Don't complain, don't list all the stuff you can not stand. Rather give a glimpse of what you enjoy doing, what you are passionate about and what makes you tick. Nothing is more painful than reading profiles from whiners complaining about hating XYZ in woman or being unable to find the right partner despite being so perfect - those profiles exist among woman, too, by the way. Stay away from those psycho bitches.

Avoid listing facts - first of all it looks like you are just throwing stuff out there hoping that something will stick, and second it's incredibly boring. Do not write you are funny - write something funny. Rather describe what you would like to convey. Describe how it makes you feel, describe how it smells/looks/sounds and list little details. Instead of writing "I like long walks on the beach" write "I enjoy running sand through my toes and smelling the fresh ocean breeze". Instead of writing "I like chocolate ice-cream" write "I enjoy the sweet things of life - letting the bitter-sweet bits of chocolate ice-cream melt on my tongue makes me feel happy". Instead of "I enjoy going ballroom dancing" write "I enjoy putting on my Classic Bones while navigating the crowded dance-floors in my favorite Salsa joint".

If the tag-line (also called the heading) is visible in the search-results on which-ever dating site you are using, then you must choose a tag-line that entices her to click. It can be cocky- and challenging ("Are you more than just a pretty face?"), outright bad-boy ("Get me a beer!"), mysterious ("Lead and follow") or setting a tone for the date ("You and me - jogging together in the sunset").

You should spell-check, use proper grammar, not write IN ALL CAPS and demonstrate proficiency of the English language. This should go without saying. Please have someone proofread your personal profile. Also, avoid cliches. You are not hopelessly romantic guy or anything like that. Remember you want to stick out of the crowd and not fit right in.

Master the "if"-word. Lay out clear terms of what you are looking for. Woman need to feel special and feel that they are a fit for you. "If you are ready for a committed relationship..." or "If you are ready to live life to it's fullest" or "I'm happy anywhere if the company is good".

Many dating websites allow you to specify your perfect match and other preferences in some forms. Again be very specific in those. It is much better to be looking for "blond between 21 and 26" than for "anything between 18 and 45". The more specific and selective you are the less needy you must be - something that is very attractive to woman. Don't worry about woman not emailing you just because they are 27 - it has never stopped you either from emailing a woman for which you were not a perfect match. You should be willing to date woman your age - you can still email woman younger than you.

This is just a quick overview. Also consider the list of the most common online dating mistakes such as writing emails or profiles that blend in with the crowd. Most importantly, your profile must be tailored to the kind of woman you want to attract (this does NOT mean that you are changing your profile all the time to get with one special woman). The general gist of the profile must be congruent with the emails you send out - don't be a badboy in your email and have a PhD in your profile. If your emails get read and your profile gets views and yet you receive no response, check if you convey congruence. If you are having trouble writing emails, consider our software solution which guarantees responses.

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This is slightly rewritten version of a post I once made in a "dating-advise" forum. Quite a few things I learned from other people (some of them PUA), namely Mr. DeAngelo and people he interviewed, so don't give me all the credit :-) Posting © 2007

FREE: Learn what to write in your first email - a template you can copy+paste or use as inspiration.

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